Friday, 27 March 2009

An unwanted visitor...

As per Mom's request, I'm blogging this little story, as she, among quite a few others, have found it quite hilarious!

The other day, I was sitting on the sofa, watching a little TV, surfing the net and I see something out of the corner of my eye, I look over and perched next to the conservatory doors is a little mouse! Where might the puppy who is supposed to be protecting me be, you might ask? He was laying not even 2 feet from this little visitor, sound asleep!

I stand up and go to open the conservatory door so I can at least trap him in there and I'm trying to be quiet so Angus doesnt wake up and eat him, and he takes off running into the kitchen. So, thouroughly icked out, I call Christopher, who's at work, and he tells me just to leave it alone, he'll set traps the next day and take care of it.

So, I go about my business the rest of the day and as I'm getting dinner out of the oven, I hear the wild screams of a mouse in the balance and the gleeful grunts of a Cairn Terrier who's caught a prize. I start screaming, almost burn myself on the oven, and run to the kitchen hallway where all the commotion was.

I'm still screaming, because well, I'm just not a creepy crawly, rodent type of girl... Angus spits out the mouse who drops to the ground, looks up at me, who's screaming all over the place, and takes off running behind the fridge.

Needless to say, I lost my appetite, set out some poison and Angus and I marched upstairs and holed up there the rest of the night.....

Monday, 16 March 2009

House Again...

I know I posted the link to pictures from when we first moved into our house, but here are pictures now that we're settled in! And the link to the kitchen pictures isnt working, but it looks pretty much the

The living Room

The Downstairs bathroom

In the living room, looking to the foyer


The library! (at the top of the stairs from the foyer)

The Guest Bedroom next to the Library (there's a balcony through the door)

If you go up the stairs in the library, it takes you to the 3rd floor, which is our bedroom!
My Vanity in our room

And if you go down the stairs on the other side of our bedroom, you get to the guest room (which is on the other side of the house from the library and other guest can also be reached from the stairs in the living room)

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Happy Monday! (And also, Happy Birthday Mymom!!!)

We havent been too busy lately....not doing too much travelling. Angus is all vaccinated up and can walk around on a lead now, so we're working on that and he's doing really really well. Here's a few pictures for you guys to enjoy!

He LOVES to chase his tail and he always catches

After he caught his

The other night we were cleaning up getting ready for our house inspection by the landlord and all was quiet downstairs, so we went to check on Gus and found him like this... (Please excuse the messy sofa)

Outside in the Garden (excuse the hand on the, I liked this picture!)

All of us!

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Saturday, 7 March 2009

Some random pictures....

Here's some pictures we've taken the last couple of days...

Gus and Me in the Garden!

The Monster himself....Gus Gus... weighing in at a whopping 10 pounds!

In the garden:
And we decided, since he's such a meany we were going to pack him up in everyone's birthday box and send him to
And so he chewed on the tissue paper in

I was sitting in the window watching Christopher and Gus play in the garden and he snapped some pictures

And a funny one of 2 swans bottom's up in the river by the house!

Happy Birthday!

Well, Thursday was Christopher's 24th birthday! And though we weren't in Paris, I think he had a pretty good birthday!

He went early that morning for an eye appointment and got 2 new pairs of glasses and some contacts...thank goodness, apparently his prescription had changed dramatically since his last eye exam and he's been having really bad head aches because his old glasses werent strong enough.

After that, we headed over to a place called Pop Bellies, which is our favorite restaurant out here. Its one of the first places we ate at when we first got out here and we've been there many times since and havent been disappointed. Christopher had his favorite, a traditional English Breakfast (sausage, bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, beans, mushrooms, and toast) and I had pan fried wild mushrooms on focaccia bread. Mine was absolutely phenomenal! When they said wild mushrooms, they meant wild mushrooms! They were pan fried in butter and herbs and it made the best sauce! And of course, Christopher looooved his breakfast!

Once we finished brunch, we headed to the base to check the mail and stop by the BX, where we got Christopher's birthday present.... a Wii!!! We also bought WiiFit and the original Super Mario Bros game that we used to play when we were little, so we've been having a lot of fun the past couple of days!

I made him Chicken Marsala for dinner and Mymom's Peanut Scotch Pie for his birthday "cake". Everything turned out really well and the Birthday Boy loved it all! He even danced around the kitchen with his, he was dancing to "Phantom of the Opera" (I was listening to it while cooking dinner).

*Also, February and March are the birthday months for our families and friends, so Happy Birthday everyone: Poppy, Denise, Brandie, Kasey, ME, Kellea, Jeff Sierzenga, Christopher, Jared, Izzie, Mom Wofford, Parker, Aaron, Mymom, Ashley Sierzenga, Josh, and Lisa...and I think that's everyone, though I feel like I'm missing someone....*