Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Back in England!

So, I am back in England after almost a month in the states! I have a blue million pictures, so instead of posting them all on here and taking up crazy amounts of space, here's the links to my facebook page:

Album 1

Album 2

Album 3

Album 4

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Yes I'm still alive...

Well, for those who dont know (though I think most of you do), I've been in the States since June 24th! I just havent had time to update...its been busy busy!

The week after I got here, we picked Jared up from the Naval Science Institute in Rhode Island for his ROTC prep program (he starts NC State in the fall as an Aero-Space Engineering Major and will join the Navy as an Ensign when he graduates in 2 years).

And Frank Drendel, the CEO of Comm/Scope is awesome and let us borrow the Lear 31 for the trip up there! We had a blast!!!