Friday, 30 October 2009

New House

Well, we're all settled in to our new house!!! We ended up only having the help of one of Christopher's friends the night before the big move, but he was such a huge help! He and Christopher (and me...sort of) moved all the big furniture down to the ground floor so that I could help lug it out the next day to the truck.

On Friday, we got up early and rented the truck...that was an experience. It was a fairly good sized truck, manual (and the stick AND clutch were on the "wrong" side), and we had to park at the end of Wellington Street and walk about 200 ft the entire day... ugh. But, we mananged to get most everything in 2 loads on Friday and 1 load on Saturday. We were unpacked for the most part by Sunday (everyone ought to know by now how much I HATE boxes laying around) and we're settling in quite well. We live down a little road that ends in a cul-de-sac, so its really quiet and private. There's only about 9 or 10 houses down the road we live on and we've met over half the neighbors! Everyone is SO nice! We've already been invited to a bonfire for Guy Fawkes day (Watch V for Vendetta and you kind of get an idea about Guy Fawkes...or look out for a post on November 5th about it!) and another neighbor brought us over a delicious apple cake to welcome us to the neighborhood. I think we're going to be really happy in this house, its definitely a great fit.

I tried uploading pictures, but the internet connection at work sucks, and it wont upload. So, in the next couple of weeks, look out for some pictures!

Monday, 26 October 2009

Again, I swear I dont make this stuff up.

So, we're all moved in to the new house and we are loving it!!! We're almost completely unpacked (I cant stand for there to be boxes I'm picking out paint colors and I'm going to do some painting soon, so pictures will find their way to the blog eventually.

Anywho... onto my crazy story for the night.

So, as you all know, I work at the hotel on base and we're a 24 hour facility, so we have shifts all hours of the day. Well, yesterday I was on the late shift from 4pm-midnight and tonight I've been on the night shift from Midnight-8am (AWFUL), and normally, both shifts on the weekends are pretty slow....not these past 2 nights! Last night there was this SUPER creepy guy in here talking to me about his business and what he does and where he's been and yadda yadda yadda. He seriously came to the desk at least 5 or 6 times. Well, one of the last times he came to the desk, he was getting ready to walk off and he turned back to me and said, "So, when you get off work, if you'd like to come back to my room, I'd love to show you pictures of my travels in Chile. They're such good pictures, I just feel like someone needs to see them and I really think you'd like them." Blech. No thank you! I politely refused, while flashing my wedding ring around and saying that my husband and I just moved houses and I'm very exhausted and going straight home after work, and he still came back and stood at the desk for like 20 minutes making a list of things to see/do in England.

Fast forward to tonight. Its 4am and I'm EXHAUSTED. We've spent ALL weekend moving with no help, needless to say, I'm beat and working in the middle of the night is pretty much the last thing I want to do. So, its 4 am and I'm downing Mountain Dew in hopes of it propping my eye lids up when yet another creepy old dude walks into the lobby in a sweatshirt and boxers....THATS it! He asks me for laundry soap and goes and puts a load of clothes in the laundry room thats right off from the lobby and THEN comes in and sits down at the computers IN HIS BOXERS and is sitting there surfing the net! OMG, have some decency man and PUT SOME PANTS ON! Seriously, I have to work another late night tomorrow, lets hope its uneventful!

Monday, 19 October 2009

I swear, I dont make this stuff up.

The following story is true. It is not edited nor changed at all... I swear, this stuff just happens to me.

So, if you dont know by now, we're moving to a new house. The one we're in now may be all cute and English cottage-y, but lets face it, its old, run down, we have no parking space, and our letting agency blows. So, we're moving at the end of this week to a new house with a garage and driveway and awesome landlords. Seriously, Friday cant come soon enough.

Well, the letting agency of the house we're in now still haven't found a tenet to replace us, so in the middle of moving, there are a couple of people coming to view the house. Fine, not a big deal. Well, I'm working tonight 4-midnight, so I was sleeping in this morning. I got a phone call at 930 from the letting agency and the woman asked if it was okay if someone viewed the house at 445 tomorrow. I told her that was fine, but explained at both this afternoon's (there's a viewing scheduled at 400 today) and tomorrow's viewing, neither Christopher nor myself would be at home, so Angus would be there, but in a cage, but that he'd probably be upset and barking and just to be aware of that. She said that was fine. I hung up and laid back down.

Fast forward to 1130. I heard the front door open (its unmistakeable, the door gets hung up on the step and is super loud), and I thought Christopher was home for lunch. After a couple of minutes I heard him come up the stairs into the bedroom right below ours. Nope, not Christopher. Definitely an agent showing the house to someone. So, I pop out of bed, throw on my nasty gray sweatpants and go to the stairs and yell "Hello?" And the agent, Jill looks up the stairs at me and says "I didn't think you were going to be home today." Um, excuse me? So I said, "Yeah, at this afternoon's viewing." And she tells me that she told me about the viewing on the phone this morning. Which, she did NOT. And even if she had, really? You're giving me 2 hours notice for a viewing?!?! What the hell? So, she asks if she can bring the guy viewing the house on up to see the bedroom and I'm like, yeah, but I'm going down the other way. So, I make it downstairs, let Angus out and sit it out in the living room. I'm sitting there in a t-shirt, no bra (which, if you actually have boobs, its always totally obvious when you're not wearing a bra), no makeup, and CRAZY rooster like hair from just waking up. Classy.

What a way to start the day. I need a drink...a stiff one.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Well, we were actually going to travel...

Well, my faithful readers, I'm sad to say that we were actually going to get out and make some use of England and all it has to offer today. We were headed off to Windsor, for a great castle, some great shopping, and just a quick couple of days away. And then there was a knock on our door and a beat cop from St Ives was standing there. Our car got broken into this morning... in BROAD daylight. They completely shattered my passenger side window and stole the GPS system. Which, was not the best GPS system in the world, so no harm there, but still. The lowlifes did leave my iPod (thank God, it's completely full and hasn't been backed up...yet) and the thing that plugs into the cigarette lighter and plays the iPod through the radio and they left my good coat that was in the car...thank goodness.

So, now since we have an American Car in England, we have to wait for them to get the right window in....which will be 10 days. So, that means, I get to drive around all classy like with a tarp in my window. Did I mention its gotten cold here?

So, since we're not going anywhere, here's some pictures we've taken recently out and about St Ives.

Angus' Favorite thing ever is to ride on Christopher's lap with his head sticking out the window (dont worry Mom, we dont do this often and I know bad things can happen, like bugs up his nose and in his eyes...but he's an uncontrollable force).
Wellington Street
The River and all the swans, geese, and ducks
St Ives...I think everyone has seen a variant of this picture at least 1000 times, but we keep taking them since the town is just so darn cute.