Friday, 26 February 2010

A Quarter of a Century!

On Thursday yours truly turned a quarter of a century old!!! We celebrated with cake the night before since we had plans to be in London most of the day on my actual birthday! Christopher made me yellow cake with Mom's homemade Chocolate Syrup... its my favorite and it was delicious!!!

I definitely licked my plate clean.

On my actual birthday, I slept in a little bit and got up and opened presents! Christopher got me the best gift ever this year... a limited edition, special collector's edition of The Tales of Beedle the Bard. Its part of the Harry Potter books (which I LOVE) and its awesome!!! I know, I know, I'm a huge dork, but I dont Anna and Steve got me a special edition copy of C.S. Lewis' Chronicle's of Narnia, a huge jawbreaker, socks, and Wicked Tickets!

We got ready and headed to London to celebrate my birthday!!! Pretty much as soon as we got off the underground at Victoria Station (and came right out onto the Appolo Victoria Theatre...)
Yaaaay Wicked!

It started raining. England. So, it rained and it rained and it rained. Then it rained some more and we got soaked. We saw Buckingham Palace and hung around that area most of the afternoon.

Me and Mom Koenig. Me not so thrilled that it was raining on my birthday.

After we got soaked, we finally decided to head in to an Italian place called Prezzo for an early dinner.

Then we headed to the show!!!!! The Appolo Victoria Theatre was actually first built as a Cinematic Theatre and was later turned into a Theatre-Theatre. Its decked out in Art-Deco styling and is HUGE. I think it seats close to 3000 people!

Waiting for the show to start!
The amazing stage!

After my 4th time seeing the show!

Me with the best husband ever!

Everyone enjoyed the show. Our Elphaba and Galinda weren't the greatest (Elphaba needed to quit singing out of her nose...ugh), but the ensemble made up for them, they were great! Plus, its just an amazing show to see anyway! When we were heading back on the train Steve said he didn't know if he'd ever be able to watch "The Wizard of Oz"! Christopher also bought me "The Wizard of Oz" on DVD for my birthday, so we might break it out and watch it sometime this week and All in all I had a wonderful birthday! Thanks much to all the people who called/emailed/facebooked me birthday love! :)

Mom and Dad Koenig are visiting!!!

So, last Saturday (the 20th) Anna and Steve arrived in Heathrow airport to visit us for 2 weeks! So far, we've done A LOT in a week!

I had to work the day they got here, so Christopher took them to Huntingdon to show them around a little bit and then after I got off work, we went out for fish and chips!!! The next day, we headed down to Cambridge and walked around all afternoon.

On Monday it snowed all morning (seriously, I'm ready for Spring), so we hung out at the house til Christopher got off work then went and walked around St Ives and showed them where we used to live. Tuesday we went to Lincoln and toured the castle and cathedral down there.

One of the towers of the Lincoln Castle

We toured the castle prison and went to the chapel part of it. They used to put prisoners in these coffin-like stalls and lock them in for each service. They couldn't sit or get comfortable at all and so they stood for a 3-4 hour long service every day. They also would be severely punished if they were caught communicating with their neighbors. It was pretty crazy.

After we left the castle, we headed over to the cathedral.

Its absolutely gorgeous inside

The choir stalls

We're having an awesome time... everyone's a bit tired, but enjoying themselves! Stay tuned for more pictures!