Friday, 26 February 2010

Mom and Dad Koenig are visiting!!!

So, last Saturday (the 20th) Anna and Steve arrived in Heathrow airport to visit us for 2 weeks! So far, we've done A LOT in a week!

I had to work the day they got here, so Christopher took them to Huntingdon to show them around a little bit and then after I got off work, we went out for fish and chips!!! The next day, we headed down to Cambridge and walked around all afternoon.

On Monday it snowed all morning (seriously, I'm ready for Spring), so we hung out at the house til Christopher got off work then went and walked around St Ives and showed them where we used to live. Tuesday we went to Lincoln and toured the castle and cathedral down there.

One of the towers of the Lincoln Castle

We toured the castle prison and went to the chapel part of it. They used to put prisoners in these coffin-like stalls and lock them in for each service. They couldn't sit or get comfortable at all and so they stood for a 3-4 hour long service every day. They also would be severely punished if they were caught communicating with their neighbors. It was pretty crazy.

After we left the castle, we headed over to the cathedral.

Its absolutely gorgeous inside

The choir stalls

We're having an awesome time... everyone's a bit tired, but enjoying themselves! Stay tuned for more pictures!

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