Friday, 5 March 2010

London, Stonehenge, and Bath; OH MY!

2 weeks have flown by since AnnaBanko and Dad Koenig arrived on this side of the pond! We've covered SO much ground and had a wonderful time!

The day after my birthday we headed back to London and spent the day in one of the greatest cities in the world! Christopher had to work that morning, so I took Anna and Steve and we headed down there and spent the morning wondering around Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, and Parliament.

Christopher met up with us and we had lunch at the first ever Hard Rock Cafe and then we finished walking around the city. We went to Camden town and to the British Museum.

Steve with middle finger sun glasses on in
British Museum
Exhausted after a long day!
Saturday we headed down to Stonehenge. Steve said that was one of the things he HAD to see when he came to visit.

Christopher and his Dad
Christopher definitely wins the jumping over Stonehenge contest....
After Stonehenge we headed to Bath. Bath is an old Roman city and seriously, as soon as we drove into the city it was like we were out of the country! It was like no other British City we've ever been to. Most everything was getting ready to close up (including the Roman Bath's) so we just walked around a little bit and realized we definitely had to come back later and visit.

Sunday we just hung out and packed and got ready for France!

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