Thursday, 9 September 2010

It's that time of year again!

Well, there's a crispness in the air and our apple tree is producing more fruit than we know what to do with! So far I've mad 2 apple cakes, 2 apple pies, and homemade apple sauce. Christopher and our landlord and some friends are going to brew some Hard Cider starting this weekend, so that'll help use up some of the apples that are littering our yard.

I have a list of things that once (if) we ever settle down and buy a house that are must haves for our home. Apple trees are pretty high up on that list now. There really is nothing like walking outside, picking some apples off a tree and coming inside and baking a pie. Its really... cool.

Pie crust is one of the first things I really made the effort to learn how to make. Its funny now, as much as I love to cook, but when I was younger, I refused to get in the kitchen and help... it drove my mom crazy. But once I got married and realized I needed to feed Christopher and myself, I got in the kitchen and got to learning. My grandma, Mymom, taught me how to make pie crust... its something that I was instantly pretty decent at and I've gotten better over the years. There's still times when I get frustrated and have to start all over again because I haven't taken the humidity outside into consideration or whatever, but for the most part, baking a pie is one of my favorite things to do in the kitchen.

While we were in the states this summer, we went into a Williams and Sonoma and I found one of the scalloped edged rolly things to cut dough with. Best $5 I've ever spent! I love the way the dough looks now with the edges like that!
After it came out of the oven... perfection--if I do say so

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  1. Just so you're's now September 18th and I can go collect some more apples if you'd like!