Thursday, 19 February 2009

Another Doggy Update!

Well, yesterday we went to the Wood Green Animal shelter to see if we could find a dog. We looked at all their animals, found one or two possibilities and went inside to fill out a form and talk to them.

When asked on the form where the puppy would be at night, I answered in a crate. Apparently they dont agree with crate training at all and the girl that was helping us shut us down pretty quickly, thanked us for our interest, and moved on to the next people in line. She told us that instead of putting a puppy in a crate at night, that it should be allowed to run free. Okay, now I understand that a dog should not be left in a crate for hours and hours at a time, but for the dog's safety, a crate is best. What if there's a fire? If a dog is in a crate, you or a fireman if you're not home, can get to it no problem. If you let a dog run loose at night or while you're gone, if there's a fire, its going to hide and the odds of it being able to be rescued are much slimmer. Plus, at night, as inquisitive and nosey as puppies are, what if it gets into something it shouldnt and gets hurt?

Needless to say, the shelter thing didnt go so well. But alas, we kept up our search and today we went to meet a lady who breeds Cairn Terriers. One look at the little boy she had for sale and I knew we were in trouble. She set him down on my lap and he looked up at me, kissed me and snuggled in for a nap.

So, as I type this, I have a snoozing baby boy Cairn laying next to me! He was born on 6 December 08 and so he's almost 11 weeks old! He is full of spunk and tenacity and he is every bit a terrier! We still dont have a name for him yet, but everyone, meet the newest addition to the Koenig family: