Monday, 23 February 2009

Off to Paris!

Tomorrow we are heading off to Paris!!! So, we'll be gone for a couple of days, but be prepared for a huuuuge update and tons of pictures when we get back!!!

The puppy finally has a name, its Angus, but we call him Gus Gus, like the little fat mouse on Cinderella. It totally fits him. We tried lots of names, we thought we were going to go with Rascal for a bit, then Max, but we've finally settled on Gus Gus. And he's answering to it already, so that's good. We dropped him off at his breeders house today and they're going to watch him for us while we're gone.

Oh and 2 days til MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!! We got our birthday packages from Mom today (Christopher's birthday is in 10 days), and among all our presents and cards was a card from Josie and Denny and Mom even inked their feet and put their little foot prints in it... it was really sad and we both cried, but we love it!

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  1. Happy Happy Birthday! Its been awhile since I have checked out your blog. I was excited to read you got a dog. Its just not home for the Keonigs without a pup running around. Miss you guys and have fun in Paris.