Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Dad's trip!

Since its been a while since I've made a proper blog, this one is going to cover a lot of ground in one post... Dad got to come back to England with me from NC and stay for like 10 days. While he was here we did TONS of stuff! We were all over England!

The first day we went to Duxford to the Imperial War Museum. It was pretty interesting

At the Imperial War Museum
Me and Dad!
Dad and Christopher
Nose art

inside one of the Naval museums in Greenwich... GORGEOUS stained glass
Dad standing on the Prime Meridian line
Christopher's turn
Where time and measurements started and are all taken from in Greenwich


HMS Victory!
The spot on the Victory where Lord Nelson was killed.
Dad and Me
South Sea


The British Museum (AWESOME)
The Sutton Hoo Helmet
China Town!
Dad checking off one of his bucket list items... standing in Trafalgar's Square
Dad and I in Trafalgar's Square
Dad, Parliament, and Big Ben

Dover & Canterbury

ME at the white cliffs!
Dad making faces at France
Me with my feet in the English Channel!
Dad and Christopher at the White Cliffs of Dover
The coast
The White Cliffs
Dover Castle up close
Dad and his Churchill face
The inside of the Canterbury Cathedral
The Canterbury Cathedral...this is where people make pilgrimages...and Geoffery Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales was written about it!

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