Monday, 31 August 2009


As many of you know, and for those who dont, I LOVE the musical Wicked! It is my favorite ever...I've seen it in New York, LA, and Charlotte and will soon see it in London.

Well... a couple of weeks ago I get a phone call from one of my friends in NC telling me that some guy that has something to do with Wicked is at Barnes and Noble in Hickory. Guess who it is... Stephen Schwartz!!!! He is the man who wrote the music to Wicked and he is a genius (he also wrote Godspell, Pippin, and a lot more)... now let me remind everyone that I was JUST in NC! I barely missed him! So, I was pretty upset that I missed out on meeting him.

So, I'm sitting on the sofa, griping about how nothing good happens in NC til I leave, when I get a phone call from my friend Amanda. She tells me to hang on a second as soon as I answer and then this guy says, " Hello Jessica"....ITS STEPHEN SCHWARTZ!!!!!!!!!! He was soooo nice and talked to me for a couple of minutes! And Amanda got a CD cover signed for me and mailed it to me and it got here this, major shout out to my amazing friend Amanda...many many many thanks for such an awesome surprise!

Without further ado....

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  1. YAY! I am so happy that I was able to do this for you! You're a pretty amazing friend yourself! I wouldn't do that for just anyone! ;) AND because I did this I have become a fan of Wicked myself! So give yourself a pat on the back for that! Did you frame your CD Cover??