Monday, 19 October 2009

I swear, I dont make this stuff up.

The following story is true. It is not edited nor changed at all... I swear, this stuff just happens to me.

So, if you dont know by now, we're moving to a new house. The one we're in now may be all cute and English cottage-y, but lets face it, its old, run down, we have no parking space, and our letting agency blows. So, we're moving at the end of this week to a new house with a garage and driveway and awesome landlords. Seriously, Friday cant come soon enough.

Well, the letting agency of the house we're in now still haven't found a tenet to replace us, so in the middle of moving, there are a couple of people coming to view the house. Fine, not a big deal. Well, I'm working tonight 4-midnight, so I was sleeping in this morning. I got a phone call at 930 from the letting agency and the woman asked if it was okay if someone viewed the house at 445 tomorrow. I told her that was fine, but explained at both this afternoon's (there's a viewing scheduled at 400 today) and tomorrow's viewing, neither Christopher nor myself would be at home, so Angus would be there, but in a cage, but that he'd probably be upset and barking and just to be aware of that. She said that was fine. I hung up and laid back down.

Fast forward to 1130. I heard the front door open (its unmistakeable, the door gets hung up on the step and is super loud), and I thought Christopher was home for lunch. After a couple of minutes I heard him come up the stairs into the bedroom right below ours. Nope, not Christopher. Definitely an agent showing the house to someone. So, I pop out of bed, throw on my nasty gray sweatpants and go to the stairs and yell "Hello?" And the agent, Jill looks up the stairs at me and says "I didn't think you were going to be home today." Um, excuse me? So I said, "Yeah, at this afternoon's viewing." And she tells me that she told me about the viewing on the phone this morning. Which, she did NOT. And even if she had, really? You're giving me 2 hours notice for a viewing?!?! What the hell? So, she asks if she can bring the guy viewing the house on up to see the bedroom and I'm like, yeah, but I'm going down the other way. So, I make it downstairs, let Angus out and sit it out in the living room. I'm sitting there in a t-shirt, no bra (which, if you actually have boobs, its always totally obvious when you're not wearing a bra), no makeup, and CRAZY rooster like hair from just waking up. Classy.

What a way to start the day. I need a drink...a stiff one.


  1. Wow thats horrible! Can they even do that?!?! I mean landlords have to give a 24 hr notice, but then again that is here in the US. I agree about the boob and no bra deal. Geez You are so much nicer than I would have been! I hope this week flies by for you so that you are in your new home!

  2. WOW! now that IS a bad day.. you werent kidding. Im sorry. Some people are just rude.. cant believe they did that to you.

  3. So what kind of stiff drink did you fix yourself??? :) Getting closer to Friday, though....that's a BIG PLUS!

  4. Shannon, I had a shot of tequila, some nachos and went to bed after I got home from