Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Well, we were actually going to travel...

Well, my faithful readers, I'm sad to say that we were actually going to get out and make some use of England and all it has to offer today. We were headed off to Windsor, for a great castle, some great shopping, and just a quick couple of days away. And then there was a knock on our door and a beat cop from St Ives was standing there. Our car got broken into this morning... in BROAD daylight. They completely shattered my passenger side window and stole the GPS system. Which, was not the best GPS system in the world, so no harm there, but still. The lowlifes did leave my iPod (thank God, it's completely full and hasn't been backed up...yet) and the thing that plugs into the cigarette lighter and plays the iPod through the radio and they left my good coat that was in the car...thank goodness.

So, now since we have an American Car in England, we have to wait for them to get the right window in....which will be 10 days. So, that means, I get to drive around all classy like with a tarp in my window. Did I mention its gotten cold here?

So, since we're not going anywhere, here's some pictures we've taken recently out and about St Ives.

Angus' Favorite thing ever is to ride on Christopher's lap with his head sticking out the window (dont worry Mom, we dont do this often and I know bad things can happen, like bugs up his nose and in his eyes...but he's an uncontrollable force).
Wellington Street
The River and all the swans, geese, and ducks
St Ives...I think everyone has seen a variant of this picture at least 1000 times, but we keep taking them since the town is just so darn cute.

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  1. Hey, Its Jared...And the robber didn't take you ipod because its got gay music, and he didn't take your jacket because it wasn't his size. (probably didn't stop him from trying it on though) He probably just wanted to know where to find an ABC store (and I know there aren't any ABC Stores in england) and needed the GPS.