Thursday, 17 December 2009

It's Snowing!!!

They've been calling for snow for the past few days, so like a little kid on Christmas, my nose has been pressed to the window just waiting for it to happen. Finally today, I was getting ready to run to base to run some errands when I heard something on the window. I looked outside and it was hailing to beat the band! So, it hailed for a few minutes, then started pouring down snow. It snowed on and off all day but never really stuck....til tonight. Christopher got up to go to bed and said, "Baby! Come look!" It was POURING down snow! So, we went outside and snapped these...

Me and Angus!

My Car...

I skyped Mom to show her (and Amanda and Jonathan who were there visiting!)

And I dont know why, but its tradition to go outside barefoot when it snows! Jared and I have been doing it for years (yes, Mom K, I know you're

And Merry Christmas from the Koenig's!

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  1. Love it....Enjoy. Yes I noticed the feet... love ya.