Sunday, 6 December 2009

Lincoln Christmas Market!

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Liz and I decided we wanted to do something together with our husbands. We started looking around for Christmas markets that were close by and her husband, Tim, mentioned something about a place called Lincoln. We looked it up at work one day and decided to head to Lincoln for the grand opening of their market on 3 December. It was only about an hour or so away, so we headed there after Liz finished up with work.

We were blown away! Lincoln is one of THE prettiest English towns we've been to yet! It is absolutely stunning! The market started at the gates of the Lincoln Cathedral and went through the town and into the gates of a Castle and into the Castle's courtyard area. It was HUGE! It was also freezing cold that night, so the hat and glove section of the market made a killing! Also, the hot chocolate guys drew in quite a crowd as well, although, it helped that they were adding Baileys to their Hot, we stayed relatively warm. :)

There are always carousels at the markets...this one was especially gorgeous!

Christopher in the hat he just had to have...and Tim laughing at him!

We walked through the Cathedral first and it was breathtaking. It was massive and ornate and beautiful. The main altar and the choir stalls were INCREDIBLE! It was probably one of the prettiest altars I've seen yet!

They had a Services chapel which was really neat, it was a chapel split into three sections; Airman, Seaman, and Soldiers. Each service had their own little section within the chapel, so we of course went in and took pictures of the Seaman part. And we learned that St. Andrew is the patron saint of Seaman, which is cool.

I also lit another candle for Marnie and I got to put her name on their prayer list, so that little girl's got prayers coming her way from all over the world!

After we walked around the cathedral, we hit the market stalls; buying hats and gloves first. We had dinner, I had a turkey, dressing, and cranberry relish sandwich (which was good, but nothing like my mama's or Mymom's turkey and dressing) and Liz, Tim, and Christopher had Lincolnshire Sausages in Lincolnshire, which was kind of neat.

We spent a few hours just wandering around looking at all the neat things and spending way too much money, but we had a blast. We will definitely be going back to Lincoln just to visit the town, it is well worth the trip.

There's a new folder added to our Mobile Me Gallery, so to see more pictures, go check it out! And as always, no stealing our stuff (Christopher is paranoid that someone is going to steal our fabulous photography and make millions from it I guess. Whatever. Enjoy!)

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  1. Lucky you! Sounds like fun! Don't worry Chris we wont steal your photos :)