Friday, 1 January 2010

What a Year!

Its officially 2010 in England! Happy New Year to all our friends and Family! Just like with Christmas, our New Year was a little different. I had to work the night shift. Which means from Midnight-8am. So, Christopher came with me to work and we got here a little early and the girl who got off at Midnight, her husband was there too, along with our friend Jenn who comes and hangs out at work with us. So, we rang in the new year in the Hotel Lobby while watching the Fireworks in London on TV. I got my New Years kiss from Christopher (which makes 2 years in a row! A record since he's been in the Navy!).

As one decade ends I realize how much my life has changed in 10 years. I've started dating Christopher, graduated high school, gotten married, Christopher's joined the Navy, we moved to California, decided to try and start a family (and dealt with infertility), then to England, we've traveled the world, met some amazing people, made friends, lost friends, and have grown up into what I think are pretty awesome

In the past year alone we've moved to England, been to Paris, Scotland, Germany, had people visit, decided to try IVF and donate my eggs, made friends, lost friends, learned how to be a "normal married couple" (i.e. actually living together all year)--which was been an interesting change from our normal routine, I've finished the first draft of my first manuscript and started on a second one, and got a job. All in all, one hell of a busy year!

I dont do resolutions, because I dont ever keep them, but my goals for 2010 are:
*To get pregnant! *
*Travel more... we want to see Belgium, France again, Austria, and Italy this year (and Ireland if Aaron and Kellea come visit!)
*Finish working on my first book and look into having it published
*Finish my second book and look into having it published
*Write like its my job (but a job I love)
*Go to church regularly
*Eat less junk food
*cook/bake more
*save more money

I think those are some pretty decent goals to have! Here's to 2010, may it be as amazing as this past year has been!!! I hope each and every one of you have a year blessed with happiness, love, and hope!

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