Sunday, 31 January 2010


No, not the kind from Dairy Queen. A Blizzard for real. In North Carolina. The day AFTER I got here!

At 4:00 Friday afternoon, Mom and I were out shopping (yay for Target and Ross) and there was nothing coming down at all. By 5:15, we were on our way home (after Nicole met us at TJ Maxx) and we slid ALL the way home! By 8:00 that night, there was 5 inches accumulated on the back porch... so, that's over an inch per hour!!!

This is about 6pm Friday night!
We decided to go for a walk at about 10:00 and walked from Mom's house to the end of the neighborhood to see the main road. We stopped along the way and made snow angels and just enjoyed the pure, majesty of the quiet beauty of the snow. It literally was so quiet you could hear the snow falling.

When we woke up on Saturday, there was about a foot of snow on the ground! We suited up and headed out to play in the snow! Bonnie LOVED it! She refused to go inside... she kept getting stuck was hilarious!

We're all definitely snowed in. There is NO getting out of Mom's driveway, let alone getting out of the neighborhood, so Nicole is in for the long We've been holed up playing card games and eating yummy food, so its all good! Although, as gorgeous as the snow is, it can go on ahead an melt now... I've got things to do (like more shopping and eating good 'ol North Carolina food) and people to see and being stuck in the house is making all that pretty difficult!

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  1. I love being holed up!! We've been playing outside most of the time.....just a great time to mention being able to sleep in on a Sunday morning!!