Saturday, 3 April 2010

Not much going on

Well, not much is really going on in the way of travel on this side of the pond. We need to get out and do something soon though, except my work schedule is packed with weekend work from now til the end of this month, I think.

England is trying to hard to officially shake off Winter and bring on the Spring, but a few days this past week seem to be holding it back. It even snowed further north this week! Ever since living in San Diego, I am not as great with cold weather as I used to be. Of course, I think the fact that our heat is constantly broken (ugh) doesn't help with that. Everything is starting to bloom and turn green though, so pictures will be coming soon!

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  1. How do you guys on here make these awesome blogs?! I have no idea how to do it. Where do I look for the baby blog? I'm so new at this! *hugs* Best to you guys and have a great time with your mom!