Monday, 19 April 2010

Skegness Beach!

After our not so great news this past week (see baby blog for details), our friends, Liz and Tim made us get out of the house on Saturday and we all headed down to the coast to Skegness Beach. Not having lived in San Diego for like a year and a half, we've been missing the beach quite a bit. An English beach is definitely not quite the same as an American beach, but it

This is a tree/bush thing that is growing in our yard. I dont know what it is, but the blossoms look almost like lotus blooms. Its GORGEOUS!

Walking out onto the beach!
Christopher and Tim played frisbee
The Skegness Pier

Um...Apparently there are donkey's on the beach?

Christopher and I on the pier

Tim and
The tide by the end of the day!


  1. I love your tree bush thing.And love both of you.The strength you both have is something that is wonderful and too much for words.

  2. I think that tree is a magnolia. My aunt has some in Ohio and they look like that. They are gorgeous (sp?)! I love looking at all of your adventures! I'm living through you...hahaha. My blog is so boring compaired.