Monday, 24 January 2011

Italy Day 2...Florence!

On our second day in Italy, we decided to drive an hour away to see Florence! It was amazing!!! Even the drive was gorgeous...

The Italians call Florence, Firenze.

We got there about lunch time and found a little cafe to stop into. We had pizza, which wasn't that great (after all, Naples is known for their Pizza, not Florence), and we had Gelato and some little pastries... delicious!

After lunch, we started walking towards one of the many museums in Florence and we came across a street market. We walked around the market for a while and then, Liz and I were waiting for the girls to finish looking at something, when she looked to her left and said, Um, we need to go in there... you especially need to go in there. I looked up and there was a huge indoor food market! It was amazing!!!!

After walking around the food market (and spending way too much, we headed out and finally found the museum we were looking for... the one that housed Michaelangelo's David! I thought David was in Rome, for whatever reason, but nope, he's in Florence. And he's breathtaking. The way they have it set up, is you walk into this long hallway that's lined with other Michaelangelo statues and the very end of the hall opens up into a bigger space with a huge dome ceiling and David is right under it. You seriously cant see anything else but him. I cant even tell you what other statues were there (except Michaelangelo's Pieta, I did see it).

After spending some time with David, we finished walking through the museum and then found ourselves back outside. We walked towards this huge dome and came across the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore. It was hands down, the most beautiful cathedral I've ever laid eyes on. It was stunning. Absolutely stunning. We walked around the whole thing and never got tired of looking at it.

There were statues right across from the Cathedral...they were sketching the cathedral itself.

After that, we found a place for dinner, where I had risotto (mine was better...woot woot!), and then we headed back to Camp Darby and called it a night. We didn't even scratch the surface of Florence and I really cant wait to go back! It was awesome!

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  1. These sunset photos are unbelievable and David!!! Really!!! I can't comprehend that you've seen him in person! By the're beautiful in these photos too!