Monday, 24 January 2011

Pisa! Day 1

Back in December, Liz and I started talking about trying to take a trip in January. We'd talked about possibly all of us going on a cruise, but could never find a really good one we wanted to take. She had a friend who was stationed at Camp Darby in Pisa, Italy and she posted pictures in like a t-shirt in the middle of December, so we decided we wanted to go there since it was still relatively warm! We started planning and then our boss, Sandy said she wanted to go and bring her daughters, and then Betty, who we work with, wanted to go too. So, we decided on a girl's weekend in Italy!

We left early on the Friday morning before MLK day and arrived in Pisa in time for lunch. We flew over the Italian Alps and I got some gorgeous shots from my window seat! Probably the most gorgeous thing I've ever flown over.

We spent the first day just kind of settling in. We stayed on Camp Darby, so we checked into our hotel, got our stuff put away, and went to the commissary for some snacks before heading out to downtown Pisa.

Let me just describe our trip into Pisa. We'd gone out right after we checked in to try and find a place for lunch. We had directions from the front desk, but never found the place we were looking for, so we went back to the base and had some lunch. We ended up having to rent 2 separate cars since we had 6 people, so Liz and I were in the lead in our awesome Smart Car.

We took a right outside the base gates and headed out on our way to find the lunch place. We got to a stop sign and had to turn Left. There was traffic, so Liz and I just had to go and leave the other car behind. Luckily, there was a pull off almost right in front of the stop sign, so we pulled off the road and waited on them to go. All of a sudden, I head Liz go, "OMG It's a Shim! It's a Shim!" I'm totally focused on the other car and making sure they can turn, so I turn to ask her, what? And I see it. A transvestite hooker sitting in a white plastic lawn chair, putting on her make up. Seriously. It was epic. Anyway. We thought it was just a fluke...a one time deal type thing. Um, not so much. There were hookers everywhere. And yes, we took

Once we finally composed ourselves, we made our way to Pisa. The funny thing is, that night we never found the leaning tower! We were right there and just didn't find it. So we just walked around the town and tried to find some Gelato. We never found the gelato that night, but as we were walking around, we smelled the most amazing yeast bread ever. We followed our noses and found this tiny little hole in the wall bakery and bought giant, sweet yeast rolls. Liz and I shared one and had it filled with Nutella. It was one of the most delicious things I've ever eaten!

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