Sunday, 20 September 2009

Travel Slackers.

Well, we've been major travel slackers lately. But, in our defense, we've got a lot going on.... we put in our 2 month notice on our house and we've decided to move. I know, I know, we have a fabulous house in a wonderful town, but its far away from Christopher's work, we're tired of not having a parking space/driveway, and our letting agency is slacking off on taking care of things they should. So, we're moving. We're still on the great hunt for a house, but we're hoping to find one soon.

I'm settling into my new job and loving it! I'm making friends, which is fantastic! Its been so hard to make friends out here and since I'm finally out and about I'm meeting people!

So, I promise, within the next couple of months we'll have something more interesting to post about than ordinary life...that's not what ya'll are signing in for, I'm

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