Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Germany, here we come!

With next week being Thanksgiving, I somehow landed four days off in a row. Christopher managed to move some days around and so, we are headed to Germany! Every year they have Christmas Markets in all the towns in Germany and they're supposed to be amazing, so we are leaving early Thanksgiving morning and flying into Frankfurt, Germany and then making our way around to a few of the markets! We cant wait!!!

Here's the link to the Christmas Markets!



  1. I'm SOOOOOOOO JEALOUS!!!!!!!! Hope you have fun though ;)

  2. Make sure you eat Schneeballs! I was in Germany in July and it seemed like Christmas there... we were in this village called Rothenburg, which is right on the Austrian border. You guys HAVE to go there sometime. There's a huge Kathe Wohlfhart store there, which can hardly be called a store. It's Christmas heaven! If you haven't heard of it (which I'm sure you have, being a Christmas junkie) LOOK NOW! Amazing place. I brought my mom and aunt home some gorgeous glass ornaments from there.

    Have a blast!