Wednesday, 11 November 2009

What a day.

So, the entire month of November, Christopher and I only have a few days off together, so we're making the best of the ones we have off. So, yesterday we decided we were going to go shopping in Milton Keynes and get some stuff for the house. We were driving down the A1 (one of the big freeways here) and the car started shaking. Now, Christopher's British Car, a volkswagon Vento, has been getting ready to crap out on us for a few weeks now, so we just think, okay, here it comes. And then, the front tire EXPLODES off our car. Literally, explodes. And so, while we're pulling over, whats left of the tire is rolling on up ahead of us. It was pretty hilarious. So now, we're on the lookout for another car, because the Vento isn't worth what it would cost to fix it up or even put a new tire on it. I of course had the camera with me, so for your enjoyment.....

The tire....

Christopher, calling the tow truck
The truck
The tire....

A very thrilled me on the tow

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  1. Im sorry, but your face is hilarious. This just sounds like something that would happen to me. I hope you find a new car soon!