Monday, 20 April 2009

Not too much to report...

Well, there's not too much to report over here. We're kind of waiting for people to come visit before we do too much more travelling. Josh and Brandie are coming to visit in like a month!!!! And then Mom and Dad are coming out at the end of June! So, there will be tons of updates and tons of pictures soon!

I did make a trek out to the public footpath that connects St. Ives to the town next to us, and it was gorgeous! I'm going to go out sometime soon to take was absolutely stunning! I took Angus out with me on the walk when I went yesterday and he was a nightmare, there's no way I could have taken I'm going to venture out on my own next

We've also met a couple of friends out here, which has been nice! I miss everyone back in the states soooo much! So, its been great finally meeting people our own age and just getting to hang out and have fun!

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