Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Spring has sprung...well, its springing...lol

Spring is making its way to England! Everything is starting to bloom and turn even greener than before! It is really beautiful...we took the camera with us today and took a couple of pictures of the fields and the goldenrod...enjoy!

Up close of the goldenrod

The tiny streets in Cambridge

So, most of you know, I was in the Green Room's production of "Jesus Christ Superstar" like 5 years ago... the cd's that we got were copies of the original cast recording and for a loooong time, my cd's havent worked and I've been on the hunt for the OCR and havent been able to find it. Well, finally, after literally, like 3 years of searching, I found it!!! And it is AWESOME and has renewed my love for JCSS! :)

Christopher rocking out some "Jesus Christ Superstar"

A boat going under the bridge in St. Ives

And then, when they were pulling up, the ropes werent hooked tightly and as the boat pushed away, the lady ended up hanging there...it was hilarious! (dont worry, her son came and helped her up)

When we got home we took Angus to the green to walk around.. this is the walkway to get there...

The green

Oh, and we named our photography if you didnt notice... it's Agape Photos.... Christopher thinks we can get good enough to actually do something with the photography thing and is paranoid someone is going to steal our pictures..lol. So, we're Agape Photos... and for those who dont know... it's pronounced Uh-gah-pay and it means unconditional love!

Oh, and please dont steal our photos...

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  1. Haha it made me laugh that Chris is worried someone will steal your photos so he created a "company." Now you guys need to get the copyrights for the name Agape Photos :)