Sunday, 17 May 2009

Kite Festival!

So, today is Mom's last full day in England, and we packed in a TON of stuff today! We had a traditional English breakfast this morning at Pop Bellies in Huntingdon, stopped by a kite festival, saw Framlingham Castle, had a cream tea in the afternoon, visited Orford Castle, and came home and went out for Indian food for dinner! I'm not sure how we managed all that in a day, but we did!

While we were on our way to Framlingham, we spotted a kite festival and stopped and walked around. It was pretty neat to see all the different kites...they even had a competition going on between different kite groups and that was cool. People were flying kites in time to music and they had at least 3 kites! It was rainy and cold and windy when we first got there, but the sun finally decided to peek through.

English Breakfast balloons...Eggs, Sausage, Chips, and Mushrooms (this was Christopher's favorite balloon)

3 kites with long tails in the competition

And my new favorite picture of speaks for itself.

Sylvester and Tweety

Then, while I was napping, Mom and Christopher stopped at this old church and snapped some pictures.

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