Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Yesterday we took Mom up to London to spend the day! It was amazing! I really am torn between which city is my favorit, London or New York...I think for now, we'll say its an even tie.
We started out in Camden, which is this quirky, funky part of London where there's TONS of crazy shops, but there's also a HUGE market place, The Horse Stalls Market. It goes on forever and there's lots of different types of things, everything from jewelry to paintings to pashmina's to food (we had some incredible Chinese food here), to just anything you can think of! I swear you cant turn your head without seeing something new and interesting. I think Mom had a really good time.
Some of the awesome tights on the street

One of the Chinese food places on the street

Christopher in Trafalgar Square with Big Ben in the distance

Westminster Abbey

Parliament and Big Ben

And for good measure...me with Platform 9 3/4 again...lol

Christopher kept trying to take a picture of Mom and Me yawning on the way home and it was hilarious..everytime we'd start to yawn, he'd pull the camera up and we'd stop mid-yawn.

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