Sunday, 7 June 2009

London with the Josh's

So, I've been slacking on this last  The day before Josh and Brandie left for DC, we headed up to London and spent the night up there!  On Friday, the 3 of us hopped a double decker tour bus and took a tour of the city while we waited for Christopher to get off work and meet us up there.  We had a blast and it was cool for me to get to see some things I hadn't seen yet!  

Josh in front of Platform 9 3/4
Brandie in front of Platform 9 3/4
Its crazy how curved the buildings are!
One of the statues in Trafalgar's Square
Trafalgar's Square
One of the many, many dragon's guarding over the city

The London Eye
Tower Bridge!
Tower Bridge up close
The London Tower...its the only Castle in the city of London
Brandie and I in front of Buckingham Palace
Part of her majesty's armed forces band
Up close of the guard
Eric Clapton's guitar at the Hard Rock.  The Hard Rock started because he used to hang out here and wanted them to mark his barstool with a plaque and they said, we'll mark your spot if you give us your guitar... and he did and thus, the Hard Rock was born.
All of us in front of the Hard Rock
After Josh and Brandie left, we stuck around London and walked around a bit more.  We headed to Harrod's, which is London's most famous department store and it was AWESOME!
Part of the food court area in Harrod's
After walking around, we found another sushi place!!!!  It was delicious!  And awesome because you could choose everything you wanted by individual piece.
Christopher...uber excited that we finally, after 6 months, got sushi!

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  1. 9 3/4 platform! I am so there when me and Faith finally get to England. I'm such a nerd!
    Miss you guys.