Sunday, 21 June 2009

Taste of London

So, yesterday we went up to London with our friends Chad and Liz for the Taste of London! Its a huge festival where restaurants and bars from all over London come together and serve food and drinks. There's music and tons of stuff to see and do and its all right smack dab in the middle of Regents Park. While it was probably a little overpriced for what we got, we had a blast and found a few restaurants we want to go back and eat at later.

Christopher and I on the train...that thing on my head is called a "Fascinator". Everyone wears them to fancy occasions over here...they are fabulous.
Liz and I in Camden!
Close up of the flowers in Regent's Park

Liz and I in Regent's Park
Some more of the park
Christopher and his special
Me and Liz goofing off in the park before Taste (I dyed my hair brown!!! Yes it still has red highlights....I couldn't completely give up the red)

At the Thailand section
Me and Liz at the Ice Bar stall...they poured drinks through the top of that and it flowed down through the ice into your cup! It was awesome!
Some of the beautifully carved fruit
Chad and Liz

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  1. Love the special run for sure! I guess Josh and I will come back so you can take us to some fabulous new restaurants....and so I can get a "Fascinator"