Tuesday, 16 June 2009

So far...

Well, we are coming up on our 7 month mark here in England...I know, I cant believe it either! It seems like we just got here!

I've been asked a couple of times what we love and hate about England and if we miss anything from the States. So in honor of being here over half a year, here ya go....

Top 5 Favorite things about England:
1. It feels like home.... we've been all over the states, and Christopher's been all over the world, and we've never found a place that has a sky as blue as North Carolina's...we found one here! It's beautiful and we love the weather...it does rain waaay more than it ever did in San Diego, but its so nice to have the variety!

2. We can travel pretty much anywhere in Europe! So far we've been to France and Scotland and we have plans for much, much more.

3. We're both fulfilling one of our items on our bucket lists...actually quite a few items; we've always wanted to live in Europe, and here we are!

4. The food. I know it's sounds funny, since everyone thinks British food sucks, but it honestly doesnt! We've discovered Indian food out here and it alone is worth the trip! Plus, we get the freshest fruits and veggies at the market here in St Ives.

5. All the history. We are both learning soooo much about European history. And you cant throw a stone without hitting at least one or two cathedral's that you can go visit.

Top 5 things we dont love about England:
1. Not having that many friends...we've met a couple of people out here, but nothing like the amazing support system we left behind in San Diego or even North Carolina. The way this command is set up, it makes it difficult to meet people and make friends.

2. The crazy sunlight hours. Since we're smack dab in the middle of our summer, the sun starts rising at about 3:30-4 am and doesnt go all the way down til 10pm! It is CRAZY! We've had to blackout the windows with oh-so-attractive cardboard to block the sunlight for when Christopher is working nights and sleeps during the day.

3. The exchange rate. While the pound isn't quite as strong against the dollar as it used to be, it's still up around $1.70 for every £1. Which makes it not so great for someone who loves to shop.

4. The base...we have the tiniest BX (base exchange) ever...and, while we didn't shop at the one in San Diego that much, but we so would living over here...lol

5. Things like being way behind on our favorite TV shows (and not being able to watch them online because we're not in the states and there's blocks put on certain sites like abc.com) and not being able to buy music from iTunes since we're not in the states.

The top 5 things we miss the most about the States:
1. Our friends and family...this one's self explanatory.

2. Our pups Josie and Denny. We hate leaving them behind and that may seem silly to some people, but Josie and Denny are like our kids!

3. SUSHI! When we lived in San Diego, we ate sushi all the time. It got to the point where we were eating it at least 2 or 3 times a week! And we cant find any decent sushi out here, except in London.

4. Target. This is more of a thing that I'm missing than Christopher, but still, I miss me some Target.

5. Good radio stations. The Brit's apparently LOVE pop music and disco. Neither of which Christopher and I are big fans of. So, our radio is pretty much limited to Beyonce and Abba. Not cool.

***Oh, FYI all my NC peeps...I'm coming home for a visit!!! I'll be back June 24th-July 14th!

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  1. You should have 6 things you don't like about England. #6 being Kellea FREAKIN Poore! Haha.

    I'm soooooo trying my hardest to visit NC when you're there! Toes crossed and everything!