Monday, 1 June 2009

Warwick Castle

On Wednesday we headed to Warwick Castle!  Its a medieval castle built by William the Conqueror in 1068.  It was used as fortification until the 17th century when it was turned into a country house.  

Its been turned into a big touristy castle and they have it all set up with wax figures and decorated rooms.  They even have actors in the dungeons and you go on this tour almost like you go through Haunted houses, but there were educational bits through the whole thing about the plague, torture, etc.  We went into the dungeons and Christopher and Brandie kept getting picked out of the crowd to do was hilarious!  It was super dark and crowded and you couldnt use the flash on the camera, so we didnt get any pictures of that.  

The entrance to the castle
On the way in
The guys "holding up" the porticulis 
Some of the grounds

Brandie and me waiting for the jousting to start!
All the knights lined up for the joust
The handsome knight who won the battle!
Josh and Brandie
I think Josh is in the running for best potty

The thinker...
The chapel
Christopher in the dining hall...with the
The library

Another bedroom
The guys in one of the rooms
And if you havent noticed yet, I am obsessed with taking pictures of the sun.  I dont know  I like this one though.

The guys...trying to be sexy.  Trying being the key word.
The girls

And we had this running joke the whole time they were here about how alike Josh and I are and how much alike Christopher and Brandie are.  Here's a good and Josh--the fighters.  Christopher and Brandie--the nice ones.  lol.

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