Friday, 9 January 2009


After an exhausting 24 hours of travel from Hickory to Charlotte to Chicago to London to the Alconbury base near Huntingdon in the Cambridgeshire, we have finally arrived in England!

The flight was a long one and we hit quite a bit of turbulence over the Atlantic, but we made it in one piece. It was probably the largest plane I've ever been on, we didnt even get to see the first class section because of where we boarded on the plane. We did walk through business class and let me tell you, WHEN you come visit (notice I said "when" not "if"), if you can afford it, splurge for business class! They had so much space and huge, reclining seats with foot rests so you could stretch out. Coach wasnt too bad. We were on the outside aisle with just 2 seats, so that was nice. In the headrests of the seats in front of us there were touch screen tvs and you could choose your movies and tv shows for the trip. They also had flight trackers on the screen so you could see where you were at any given moment.

Flight Tracker

Flight Info

Though a little foggy yesterday morning, the countryside is beautiful! And despite the fact that it's January and there was snow on the ground, everything is still green! It's a definite change from the warmth and dryness of San Diego, but a welcome one.

We ventured out last night at to a pub in the Stuckeley Country Hotel. It was about a half mile from the base gate and we had a nice walk there and back. Christopher had a beer called "Hobgoblin" and no it wasnt We both had the fish and chips and they were amazing! The best I've ever had!
A road sign on the walk to dinner

Not the best picture, but our dinner!

We havent taken many pictures yet. After we checked into our hotel, we crashed for a few hours and by the time we got up and out, it was dark. But today, we're headed out to snap a few shots! We're kind of on Japan time I guess though...we went to bed at 9:30 last night and were up and about by 3am. So, the time difference (8 hours from San Diego, 5 from NC) is definitley going to take some getting used to!

Well, I'm signing off...check back every couple of days for new pictures and updates...I'm going to try hard to keep this blog up and running so everyone can read about our adventures!

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