Saturday, 17 January 2009

Today we fell in love...

with London!

We rode the train in, it was about an hour ride, so not too bad. The first thing we did when we got to King's Cross is find Platform 9 3/4! For those of you who dont know....I LOVE Harry Potter and in the books, he gets to Hogwarts via King's Cross, on a magic platform between platforms 9 and 10. The King's Cross people are awesome and created a sign for platform 9 3/4 and even cut a cart in half and bolted it in the wall so it looks like its going straight through to the other side! For a Harry Potter dork, this was quite exciting!

We made our way to Picadilly Circus and walked around the streets and shops there and then headed into the Queen's Park and walked down to Buckingham palace. We personally were disappointed in the palace. I mean, its nice and all, but no where near the majesty you'd expect from a palace. But of course, it doesnt hold the age that most of the other sites we saw today did (Buckingham Palace was built in 1850).

After the palace, we walked down to Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, the Parliament building, the River Thames, and the London Eye. It was AMAZING! That's what we were expecting from Buckingham Palace!

The building's are absolutely indescribable. It's so neat to see things in real life that you've only seen in movies and studied in books before.

After we walked around Old London, we stopped in for brunch and Christopher finally got a traditional English breakfast of sausage, bacon, eggs, chips (of fries), toast, and beans. He loved it!

Then we took the chunnel up to Camden and spent hours walking around all the HUGE markets and funky shops, seeing all the different people and things. It was awesome! We'll definitley go back there soon! We met an artist that was working his booth and we even bought one of his paintings of Montmarte, France. We're going to go back sometime soon and get one of his London paintings for our house too.

We left London this afternoon and made our way back to the base, but we've definitley decided that we'll be spending lots of time in London! Whenever any of you come visit, it'll be one of the first places we go!

Since we took so many pictures, here's the link to the album:

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  1. Dear Chris and Jessica
    Hi this is Aunt Lucy.Lovely home and town cannot wait to see more pictures. Not sure how to blog.
    Love Aunt Lucy