Tuesday, 27 January 2009


Well, yesterday was a wonderful day! We finally got to check out of our hotel on base and into our home here in St. Ives. It is BEAUTIFUL! The most quirky of spaces, it fits us perfectly! It was definitley an interesting day, Christopher had to return to work after signing the lease and accepting the keys, so I was left to wait on the chimney sweep to come and do our chimneys...until I realized as I was getting ready to take a walk around town that the front door lock was stuck and wouldnt let me out.

Long story short, I was stuck in the house all day yesterday waiting on the Locksmith. The chimney sweep, and one of the landlords, and myself (from the inside) tried with no avail to get me out. It was pretty funny. Christopher got home before the locksmith arrived and had to climb through a window to get inside. A memorable day to say the least.

We received our Express Shipment of things today and I am pleased to say that MY KITCHEN IS UNPACKED!!!!!!! Everything is up and in its place and it is lovely! It feels so nice FINALLY after almost 3 months without my kitchen stuff, to have it!

We wont have internet in our house until February 4th, so emails and updates will be scarce. I'm up at the highest level of the house right now stealing someone's wireless and only have one bar of service, so hopefully this goes through.

We love and miss you all and cant wait for everyone to come visit!!!


Jessica & Christopher

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  1. Sounds like an eventful day. You will have to take pictures of your kitchen. It is wonderful to have that be the first room unpacked!