Friday, 23 January 2009

Good Morning

Good Morning to all on this beautiful, Friday morning. I figured it was time for an update, though there's not much to report.

We've been spending this week really trying to learn our way around and drive ourselves around. Christopher is really good at all the quirky driving things you have to do around here. I've driven around base, but havent braved beyond the gates to drive yet. But, I will.

We spent some more time in Cambridge, right around the time they celebrated their 800 year anniversary! 800 years! Isnt that amazing?!?! We're also discovering some amazing food out here. Everyone told us that English food was bland and had no taste, but they were wrong! We've had some of the best food out here so far! They use the freshest ingredients and its simple, fresh, organic flavors, but so amazing! We've also sampled the many desserts.... Sticky Toffee Pudding is our favorite so far!

We move into our house on Monday. Our express move things, so no furniture, but everything else will get there on Tuesday. We're having to basically "rent" a bed and sofa from the housing office til the rest of our things get here, but that's okay, we'll at least be out of the hotel! So, empty house except rented furniture, but only for a night! :)

We're trying to decide what to do this weekend. There are so many options for quick trips, Bath, back to London, Windsor Castle, Oxford, etc. Check back this weekend, and hopefully we'll have some new pictures up of our latest adventure!

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  1. When you get this I hope that everything went well with your move!!!