Monday, 12 January 2009

A house...

Well, today we went to a town called St. Ives and looked at a house I found on the internet. It was in a word; perfect.

Its a 4 bedroom cottage situated right on the great Ouse river (we even have 20 ft of mooring space, so Christopher wants a

The house is so quirky! As soon as you walk through the door you just feel home. Its so cozy! Its got tons of character...from the exposed beams in the ceiling, to the 2 working wood burning fireplaces, to the spiral staircases, to the garden, to the conservatory. I could go on and on...

The link to the pictures and more info on the house is:^1251&radius=0.0

We found out today that we move in on the 26th!!!!! Yay! No more hotel!!! :)

Now, onto the town... St. Ives. We spent about 2 hours walking around the entire village and fell in love! Its filled with pubs, restaurants, shops, a couple of old churches, a huge old library and museum, even a couple of flower shops, a cheese and olive shop, a bakery, and a few days a week they have a market that takes up the entire town centre! And its right on the river Ouse, so right by the house there are ducks and swans and its just beautiful!

I'm trying to upload pictures to here, but our internet connection, like I've said, is not that great, so it may be a bit before you guys get pictures... sorry!


  1. Uh, Yay for the house stuff! And boo to me not being able to add this to follow it on my blogspot dashboard that I just created so I can comment and follow. lol

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  3. Wow looks cool. I'm glad you are having fun, ill be sure to come back and check you out. I still don't have a web cam but call me my phone works. I need your 828 number.

    That house looks cool. Very European, i guess that's because your in Europe right?